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Friday, August 04, 2006

How is Grupus different from others

Well, there is a certain amount of skepticism and a bit of cynicism when it comes to new sites nowadays. The internet has grown so big, what with all the forums, the blogs, and millions of other sites that the first thing we ask is 'How is this site different from others?'

After exploring, you will be more than convinced how this particular idea of networking stands out among others. This is because of the following:

Firstly, groups on Grupus do not have owners. This is quite different from traditional groups where each has had an owner. Every member in a Grupus group has equal privileges. That's how it should be when it comes to a circle of friends. So naturally there is no moderation too.

Secondly, any Grupus group can have a maximum of only 12 members. This ensures that only those people are in the group who really are our best friends. Members then also take care to see who they invite and who they dont. It avoids becoming a number game.

Thirdly, spam automatically gets controlled. Members in such close-knit groups naturally won't spam each other. Anyone outside the group cannot post in the group or read its posts or access it howsoever. It becomes a good place for friends to talk without any interruption.

Fourthly, despite of all the groups and invitations-only approach on Grupus, it also facilitates you to meet new people who share similar interests and widen your social network. We understand that it is important for everyone to have both networking aspects at their disposal - the private and the public.

Fifthly, Grupus is very simple to understand. When you first join and start using it, you will be amazed by its simplicity. But as time goes on, you will really begin to appreciate it.

Log on to friends share much more with each other than with other people.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Voting System

Hi everybody. In this article i am going to talk about the voting system to add new members in your friend group on Grupus.

Let me explain this with an example to help you understand better. Suppose a guy named Peter forms a group 'Frens' to which he invites 2 of his friends Kate and Michael. And suppose Kate and Michael join the next day so that the group 'Frens' has now 3 members. They talk a lot for a few days like best friends do and then 1 day Kate feels that her friend Sarah too should be in this group. So she goes to the invites page of 'Frens' and proposes an invitation to Sarah(through Sarah's email address).

Then a table will be created with 'yes' and 'no' from all the members of the group. Since Kate has proposed the invitation, hers will be a default 'yes' while Peter's and Michael's will be a default 'no'. Suppose Michael is all game for inviting Sarah and changes his opinion to 'yes' the next time he logs in on Grupus. But Peter is not convinced. Maybe he feels that the group wont be the same fun if someone else joins it. Till Peter does not change his opinion to 'yes' , the invitation to Sarah wont be sent. Its like a veto in the hand of every group member. Everyone has to agree on sending the invitation.

Of course, if Kate and Michael feel later that Peter is right in his reservations, they can both change their opinions to 'no'. When every member changes his/her opinion to 'no', the invitation is no longer considered, and the table of opinions for that invitation simply disappears.

So what are the advantages of such a voting-by-everyone system?

Firstly, everyone gets a say in inviting a new person which they should since they are a part of the group.

Secondly, no one can complain of being left out in the process. Whether the invitation is sent or not depends equally on every group member.

Thirdly, and most importantly, only those people are invited to the group on whom everyone agress. This ensures that the group always remains fun, and keeps active.

In my next article, i will discuss on how Grupus compares with and how is it different from other social sites and other friend networking sites.

Keep watching and have a good day..

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Private photo sharing networks

Have you ever hesitated uploading photos on the net?
Have you ever wished that the images you upload on the net are accessible only to a select few of your friends?
In short, have you ever wished for a private photo sharing network?

The groups on Grupus make it possible to do so.
Each group in Grupus has a section called the Photo Album. The members can upload images in the photo album and share it with the other group members.
But what if someone else comes to know the link location of an image you have uploaded. Maybe he/she will try to access it directly. But doing so isnt going to help the person 'coz he/she will be greeted with a page that says that the images cannot be accessed directly. Only the group whom these images belong can access them.

First of all, such a system prevents the misuse of images. You can rest assured that no unscrupulous elements on the net can lay hands on your images. Yes, your images will be perfectly secure.
Secondly, it provides long-distance friends or families dispersed all around the world with a perfect way to share images.
Thirdly its yours and your friends' own personal photo space on the net. What can be more fun than that?

In my next article i will explain the merits of the voting-by-everyone system in greater detail.
Good day folks..
Private groups

So you may ask, what do i mean by private groups..
Imagine a place where only you and your best friends can talk whatever they wish to.
No unauthorized person can access or read what you and your friends are talking about.
The person doesnt even know that such a group exists.
Imagine a place where u can talk with your friends uninterrupted without the nuisance of spam, a place where spamming is just not possible.

Yeah, this has been made possible on .

So how does it exactly work..

To start with anyone can register himself/herself on the site. If somone sends you an invitation, all the better. After somone registers he/she can form a new group and invite a maximum of 3 friends, 3 thats all..once the group is formed,
you can invite more people, but theres a strict voting policy.
Whomever is considered for an invitation to the group has to be approved by all the existing group members. Till even a single group member disapproves the invitation, it wont be sent..
This helps to ensure that only those people are invited into your friend group on whom everyone agrees.

So what are the advantages of such a friend group?
Firstly, it keeps unwanted people out, also it keeps the pesky guys and the nosey-parkers out. You can talk whatever u wish to without any interruption.
Secondly, there is no moderation. Who requires moderation when the information in the group can be accessed only by a few select persons which you and your friends have mutually decided upon.
Thirdly, there is no spam. How can someone spam if he/she is simply denied access to a group he/she doesnt belong to?

Yes, the advantages are numerous.

But did i tell you that these groups can also be used as private photo sharing networks..
More on that later.